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Landing a Dream Job after Graduation

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Right after you step out of the mess-cafeteria, you see your folks discussing about what to write in “Your Weakness” column of some online form, and you realize your weakness is to forget about serious things. It is a company’s interest form. Dream of every final year graduation student – to crack the interview. Barely after squirming through the tiring process of avoiding plagiarism report for final year engineering project or stressed prelims of accounting, another mammoth task awaits you. You are suddenly reminded that your chill time is about to get over and it is time to see what world has to offer to you (or more likely what you must grab).

Why students choose jobs over several other career options?

60% of students decides to step into corporate sector and find a suitable job for them. Let us try to see why students choose jobs over pursuing post graduations or entrepreneurship.

  • ·Jobs give a stability financially and mentally – it takes a lot of will power to tirelessly night-study for the entrances after you have already gone through rigorous curriculum.

  • Steep career growth and early start to the career – taking up job early is beneficial for students because at the young age, energy to work and learn something new is very high, it makes one strife longer and harder. Career growth is very promising when one starts to learn fast and grow through challenges.

  • Opportunity to apply your theory – fresh out of mills, industry really preserves them, train them, mold them in their way and uses their new prospective to achieve growth.

It feels a lot of better when you are out of the dilemma and finally determine yourself to achieve new heights. If you are inclined towards taking a job, you will want to know what really to expect ahead of you.

Here are your crisp three steps to be a go-to man for companies:

  1. Know your job prospects – find the right companies for your right profile. Always dream big, look high and try to achieve that height, with eyes open.

  2. Build a stellar resume – working on the only thing they will look before they even call you is obviously very, very critical.

  3. Interview preparation – know that in tough situations, everybody will prepare for the first two and stand with you, here is the only chance for you to step ahead of everybody. Preparing for interview is the most crucial and deciding stage of landing your dream job.

Career opportunities and job prospects for Commerce Graduates:

Corporate needs commerce grads. With accounting, financing, marketing, and HR being the most prominent fields where one finds a higher chance to get an offer from, the field is very vast and thus it requires a self-overlook before applying to any post. If Cost Accounting, Basic Principles of Accounting and Management Accounting were at any point your favorite subject, you are good to apply to any accounting post at all the companies. In finance, you can be an auditor, junior financial analyst, tax accountant or business analyst in areas such as business consultancy, industrial houses, and public accounting firms. There are a lot of scopes in marketing and HR field as well.

Career opportunities and job prospects for Science Graduates:

A B.Sc. graduate in Math, Physics or Chemistry can get a job in Education Institutes, Chemical Industries, Research Institutes, Hospitals, Laboratories many more right after completing their Graduation.

Engineering has vast fields in both, job opportunities and study scope, terms. A good post of Junior Engineer or Graduate Engineer Trainee is usually most preferred, but techie positions such as junior software engineer, coders, Construction Industries, Space Research Institutes, Education Industries, Operations Departments, Mechanical Works Industry, Logistics and several other industries have an infinite scope.

Now as much as we like to hear about our job prospects, we should know that competition is very tough in corporate sector. As a side effect of Pandemic and primary effect of Economical Breakdown in our country, it requires something strong, unique, and skillful to convince the industries that they need to hire you to steady their growth.

CV building and Interview phases:

In a thousand of horses running in the field, one Pegasus outshines every other. A well build CV and a good pitched interview can be the key to open the golden door.

A one pager CV should talk about:

  • What is your past academic record?

  • What projects you have completed?

  • How effectively you have concluded your academics?

  • What responsibilities you have taken upon?

  • Which kind of events you have managed until now?

  • How effectively you can lead a team?

  • What curiosity you have geared up, have you ever tried to learn new courses?

  • How have you nurtured your hobbies? Did you ever try to hon your skills in your interest field?

In a word, CV tells recruiters what promises you can give to them.

Next task for recruiters is to know how much committed you are to those promises, so they have a little chat with you. The hardest and most crucial part of your months long job hunts, thousand of draft CVs dumped into dustbin, all the academics you have studied until now and all the nights you have worked finally pays off in those twenty minutes.

Before final Interview, you should checklist:

  • About yourself.

  • What company is doing? History, news, and insights about company.

  • Basic knowledge, preferably deeper insights too, of the industry related to your company.

  • Why should they hire you? What makes you so unique?

  • Your visions for company.

  • General awareness.

Interview preparation and CV building is deciding factor, and biggest hurdle that makes you struggle between you and your company. It is very subjective. Top companies have their process so tough, confusing, and competitive that many seek professional help to ace the interviews and preparations.


With the virus decomposing humanity, the global recession it has induced is knocking on the door to change the foundation of human empire. But it is not all gloomy. Jobs that had been put on halt in these unprecedented times are now finding its way towards digital transformation. The industries will evolve with their business models and explore the opportunities.

Here are skills you should learn in this pandemic situation that keeps you updated and makes you masterful in upcoming digital age:

  1. Analytical thinking and innovation

  2. Learning new strategies

  3. Creativity, Originality, and Initiative

  4. Technology design and programming

  5. Critical thinking and analysis

Some magic touch from Midas (career coaches) and you are all set to wear that suit on your first day at glass-door cabin.

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