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Values in Corporate World

There are a lot of businesses which have been very good at what they do, but there are only few which have been great at what they do. This greatness, the trust they have ignited in the world, comes from the leaders of these companies. We have seen big players creating a big scandal of t-20 game and losing out their reputation. We have also seen rags to riches stories where some have played a long test innings. The consistent morale they have built is the key.

But first, what is values? Why is it important to talk about at an early stage? How are we suddenly elevating from interview cracking to value building? Isn’t it an end-term product?

Apparently, management understands how an employee should be in synergy with company’s value and individual’s value. After you have prepared so hard to get into that dream company, sitting in the glass door, it becomes very vital to develop the morale that company requires. One will climb up on the corporate ladder only with the right amount of motivation, values, and morale. Companies now see very seriously how their values are reflecting on market, and what kind of employee will help retaining the vision of company.

Before you sip your favorite coffee in your glass door office, you should know that on whichever values you behave will reflect in shareholder’s mind, NSE/BSE, financial statements or in the meeting of board of directors.

Company values are your philosophy, principles, insights, beliefs that will ultimately lead your business to a result.

The stronger they are, the stronger company grows. True USP of the company is your corporate values. How do they help?

Greater peer to peer learning and healthier work environment:

If you explain your core values to your employees and the reasons why you stand for these specific values, they will have a better understanding of the company goals and will work harder to achieve them. Engagement of the workers will lead to a great work environment where everybody aims to elevate company.

Corporate value attracts top talents:

The values will reflect everywhere. Candidates complete extensive research before applying to open roles. They check companies' websites, forums, discussions going on social media about the companies they are interested in, and they pay particular attention to company reviews. Top talents will prefer working with company which has a better environment, can help them grow in career and has a goodwill. That is why corporate values can be influential.

Marketing and Internal Communication – Easy!

Marketing teams that know what the company stands for are much more successful in attracting new qualified leads that convert. If your messages include values that resonate with your target audience's values, you are much more likely to catch their attention. It is all about delivering authentic messages and building trust with your leads.

Now having toured the importance of values, what are common corporate values? Which values you should align yourself with?

· Leadership

· Fairness

· Honesty

· Integrity

· Innovation

· Diversity

· Courage

· Idealism

· Teamwork

· Improvement

· Self-respect

· Discipline

· Partnership

· Humility

· Passion

The alignment of your values with your dream company’s corporate value is the key aspect you should develop. These values are heartbeat of your future in the company. At Eduvantage Box, our mentors from highly respectable work background emphasizes on developing these core-values to excel in career.

Remember, corporate value is the DNA of the company!

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