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How the requirement of Corporate World will change in post-Covid-19 era?

If you flip the pages of History without sleeping, you will see our world has suffered a lot of Apocalyptic situations and though it seems highly unlikely now, the pandemic is going to end. But it will leave trails as it will squirm away. The corporate world, along with entire world, will transform into some new chiseled sculpture that will require a lot of new things to grow.

The pandemic has made organizations to think on balancing two things: Optimizing work resources and securing safety & health of their employees.

To achieve the balancing of these integral sea-saw ride, corporate are developing a strategy that takes a conservative approach and relies strongly on data science to determine health and safety and readiness, follow central government regulations and follow hygiene routines/guidance. Corporate will support strategies that will help their customers and partners, focus on teams who need to be on-site for enhanced productivity, and enables employees to return to the office while taking into consideration the future state of work.

Let us find out what effects it might have on their recruitment process.

Screening: Reducing dependencies on offline screening, recruiters will focus more on online screening or sourcing tools.

TIP: Keep your LinkedIn, and social media presence up to date and corporate friendly. Interviewing: Certain businesses are already ahead on the curve as they were quick to adopt teleconferencing technologies, a critical step to ensure business continuity. All other organizations must also follow suite to enable virtual interactions.

TIP: Seek professional help on interviewing. Post pandemic, job market is going to be very cramped and crowded, and it is really important to show your best self which doesn’t not bluff about any important topic. On-boarding: Post hiring, conventional on-boarding methods would also be replaced by virtual on-boarding and engagement strategies which are riding on digitization. Organizations are also adopting AI / chat bot driven processes to improve their efficiency.

Now having a know how of corporate side and how we should be ready for it, let us see what points they are looking for in a candidate. The Corporate Giants eye these following that we should improve make ourselves integral part of their vision:

  • Be responsible with workplace flexibility and goal to create flexible work arrangements for team members.

  • Develop skills on sustainable development. Look for innovative opportunities that reduces carbon footprint and promote diverse talents.

  • Committing to problem solving attitude. Positive outlook towards this whole new situation is very important as it not only impresses higher authorities, but also motivate your employees to cop up with their problems.

  • Use our values to develop new ways of working, with high levels of engagement and productivity.

With the virus decomposing humanity, the global recession it has induced is knocking on the door to change the foundation of human empire. But it is not all gloomy. Jobs that had been put on halt in these unprecedented times are now finding its way towards digital transformation. The industries will evolve with their business models and explore the opportunities.

Here are skills you should learn in this pandemic situation that keeps you updated and makes you masterful in upcoming digital age:

  1. Analytical thinking and innovation

  2. Learning new strategies

  3. Creativity, Originality, and Initiative

  4. Technology design and programming

  5. Critical thinking and analysis

We just got to know how Corporate World is planning to look for you, what they look for in you and how you can commit yourself to take a stable position in there.

The other side of this stormy ocean tides look sunny and with the right kind of planning, we can sail into the New World.

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